Daily post · Poem

I’m grateful

I wake up to a new day 

Breathing , walking , talking , eating

I’m grateful –

For I’m alive and healthy . 


I open my wardrobe

And stare in confusion 

What to wear –

Red or white, blue or green ?

I look at my shoes –

Heels or flats , peep toes or wedges ? 

I’m confused

Yet I’m grateful – 

For all the clothes to cover me

For all the shoes to protect my feet .


I walk to my favourite restaurant

Flipping the pages of menu 

Confused to choose one 

A heavy meal or a lighter snack 

A juice or a smoothie along ?

Yet I’m grateful 

For the food of my choice . 


I drive my car 

All way to my home

After a days work –

As I sink to sleep 

I feel the gratitude 

To the almighty above me 

For the roof and car.


I see my kids running around 

Messing the home and playing 

Giggling , crying and laughing 

I’m grateful –

For I don’t know what life is –

With no kids around .

I see my father , mother and siblings

Living happy and healthy 

I’m grateful 

For I don’t know –

How it is to be without parents.

I wake up to my partners hug 

Doing chores together 

Talking about movies  and books

I’m grateful-

To live and share with such a partner .


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Daily post · Poem

Surreal moments

She walked past the door 

Holding firmly the job offer ,

Mind flasing back to a year ago

The moments bubbled up in her eyes-

The days in red streets ,

The day of escape 

The days of rehab 

And now in a job –

The surreal moment of her life .


The moment she held him 

Wrapped in a blanket 

A tiny baby of her life and love

An answer to her prayers

An answer to the medications

An answer for the wait 

A decade long wait –

Tears of joy and nectar of pain 

The moments were surreal . 


He turned and looked at her

Giving a toothless grin 

Smiling as heard his mothers voice

First time ever birth ,

Smiling again as she spoke

Looking into her eyes;

Thanks to the cochlear implant

A five month old can hear

The surreal moments for baby

The surreal moments for mama.


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Daily post · Poem

Identity of a girl 

I see them doing mistakes

I hear them talking blunders 

I try to voice my concern

But I hear ‘Keep quiet’

‘Coz I’m a woman . 


I see my father searching 

I walk to help him 

He says ‘Kid , go away’

Never knew a kid shouldn’t help.


I’d my likes

I’d my dislikes

I’d my opinions

I’d my decisions 

But none mattered anywhere

‘Coz I’m a girl/ daughter/ sister/wife . 


I hear them say ‘not loudly’

I hear them say ‘keep quiet’

I hear them say ‘no need of your opinion’

I hear them say ‘don’t talk your heart’

I do it and they say 

You are a good girl

You are a good daughter

You’ll be a good wife 

You’ll be a good daughter in law.

A single word -‘good’ and 

I’m caged 

I’m suffocated 

I’m draining –

They killed the identity 

Of a Girl . 


More often than not , most of the above things have been heard/happened to someone you know -especially if you live in India. Most of poems/writings reflect my experience or what I’ve seen others experiencing . 

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Daily post · Poem


He was strict , 

He gave orders 

He hardly listened 

His way was the only right 

He forgot to show his love

He never knew affection mattered 

He thought advising was his duty-

The kids were young 

They obeyed , they lived 

Until the day they left home ;

He expected them to visit him 

But none came –

They never knew dad loved them . 


She walked out 

Of the coffee shop and Of the relationship

She expected him to be sincere 

She expected honesty and trust 

But ,

She was just one among many.


Father was angry 

Mother was upset 

Tumbling down their expectations

Daughter went ahead 

To study music 

And not medical science. 


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Daily post · Poem

The innocent man 

Two decades of fights-

Fights of legality 

Fights behind the bars

Fight for innocence;

Time flew 

Days to weeks 

Weeks to months 

Months to years 

Grey hairs and wrinkles 

Loose skin and muscles 

Forever gone youth 

And an all time old age 

Came out to sunshine and freedom-

To the warmth of family and friends

The smallest circle who trusted him

The only people who stood by him

The only people who fought for him!!

Labelled as anti national 

A young boy was behind bars;

Proven as innocent

A man whose youth –

A man whose energy-

A man whose life – is out !!

Who’d pay for his time ?

Who’d pay for his life ?


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Daily post · Poem

Express – Expressions 

Days moved to weeks ,

He sat alone 

With no food and no sleep .

A best friend , A close aide – 

She entered her married life 

All he knew was –

She was more than a friend –

Though he never expressed . 


A strict father , A disciplinarian 

Kids were scared 

Kids hardly opened their hearts 

Kids hardly spoke to him 

And moved off as they grew ;

All alone in the old age 

He wished , he showed his love to ‘em. 


The toothless grin 

The giggles in high pitch 

The clapping of hands 

The moving to and fro’s

Expressions of a ten month – 

To show her happiness . 


Daily post prompt <a href="Express“>express . 

Daily post · Poem

The world around me

Neither did he think nor decide

All he saw was a drowning mother and kid 

Jumping and saving them-

All when he was just ten .


He couldn’t contain himself 

Until the day –

When he accepted him as ‘she’

And walked out as ‘she’

Starting the life afresh . 


People were killed , people were burnt

Women were raped and killed

Neither a girl or a foetus was saved

Houses and cars all charred;

There she went to dig the truth

As undercover 

When the faulters were state heads. 


When doctors ask to pray 

When medicines are of less hope 

Fourth stage was not an task 

But she bounced back in health 

‘Coz she was a believer

‘Coz she trusted her God 

‘Coz she never lost hope

An epitome of bravery . 

All of these are incidents I know or I’ve read about – the brave people around me. 

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