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New Soul 

Pacing up and down ,

Trying to sit and lie down 

Trying to sleep in peace 

All in vain,but . 

Driving in wee hours 

All alone this time ,

Crying with pain in the labour room

The clock ticking in the slowest pace 

Pushing with all effort , 

She smiled at the cue of a cry 

Wrapping her baby to her chest 

All she saw was a miniature husband 

Who lost his life to a gun shot. 

With love and innocence radiating 

A new soul to this earth

Tears trickled her cheeks 

Of Joy ?

Of Sorrow ?
This is about a mother who gave birth to her baby after her husband’s death.In response to daily post prompt radiate. Radiate

Daily post · Poem

Food – Perfume – Cure

Shabby hair , torn dress ,unwashed body 

She slept on streets 

Never knew where she belonged 

Walked begging for food

Stopped near a hotel , 

Aroma of sambhar infused 

Looked inside with hope and fear 

She might be slapped or kicked or shouted !

Alas ! A plate of fresh food – 

She looked up , a smiling man . 


She was grumpy 

She was depressed

She was in despair 

He left her for someone

She was betrayed

Took a deep breath , she arose

Walked to her cupboard, 

Took her Issey Miyake 

Wore it all over , for he was against it once 

Floral smell infused the room 

She loved it again 

She became her true self . 


He lay in pain 

Morphines helping a bit 

Waiting for the day to end

Waiting for stem cell infusion .

Sambhar – Lentil based vegetable stew based on broth made with tamarind . 

Issey  Miyake – a perfume brand

I have tried three stories – a beggar girls’ story , a girl who was betrayed by her boy friend and a man suffering from cancer in response to daily post prompt infuseInfuse

Daily post · Poem


The barren lands 

The dying plants and crops 

With no water in sight 

With no water for hope 

He sighed in pain 

All hardwork in vain.


The cattle mooed and bellowed 

In pain and hunger 

Not a drop to drink 

Calves dying of thirst 

He cried , in total despair. 


Kids slept , crying and complaining 

Wife sat, nothing to say 

He lay ,looking up at sky 

A drop on his forehead 

Thunder and lightning 

Rain – the only welcome reprieve !! 

Drought is a severe situation wherein huge number of farmers are affected. In despair,many commit suicide . The only escape from drought is rain . People held mass prayers for rain this year in many parts of India . In response to daily post prompt reprieve.Reprieve</a

Daily post · Poem

Fortunate soul 

Trusting unknown people ,

Paying them hefty ,

Packing bags and going at night

Into the deep blue sea .

Rough and harsh they are

Wondering why I trusted them

Pushing and stacking us in the boat

Not a space to breathe !!

Off we sail to Greece , but who knows ?

Sea was rough and rude

Was she angry ??

The wind was bad and heavy

Capsized our small boat

Threw us into the salty water

I swam a bit ,

Afloat for sometime ,

People drowning around me ,

Stayed strong with hope

A rescue boat may come – that’s all I pray

Floating for hours

I’m back to life ,

I’m a fortunate soul .
Syrian refugee crisis has been upsetting me since I started reading about it . Many people were drowned while trying to escape Syria , may be many survived too . We don’t know if the survival was fortunate enough for them in the new land . This is in response to the daily post prompt survive.Survive

Daily post · Poem


I sit with rake , spoon and moulds

Gathering the sand and mixing with water

Trying to mould and make  shapes

Mud over my face ,hands and legs

I don’t care ,for I’m not here to impress .


All the colour pencils spread out

I paint an elephant blue , tiger is colourful

I don’t care if hair is yellow and face is red

All I do is to colour

I ain’t here to impress .


I don’t worry about my eyebrows

Neither my hair nor my dress worries me

I don’t care if my shoes matches

I don’t try to impress anyone ,for I’m a child.
Children – the most innocent and happy people . They don’t fake anything or try to impress anyone ,they live in the moment -enjoying every bit they do .In response to daily post prompt impression.Impression


13 reasons challenge 

After a long time , when I dusted out my passion for writing and started a blog , the first blogger to follow me was mumsthewordblog. Today I saw her 13 Reasons challenge – 13 Reasons to be happy.The same one was seen a few days back in Virtual Vomit blog too.

1. I live in a peaceful place , “Gods own Country”  a state in India when many countries are war stricken .

2. I have an amazing husband who stands with me for each of my decisions . Though poles apart in our character, we are like iron and magnet . All thanks to Almighty.

3. Two little girls – a three year and a five month , they give me no time to worry -for whatsoever reason it be.

4. My parents , who are still  healthy , to whom I still talk daily – the true treasures of my life .

5. Unlike the soaps you watch , I have very loving ,supporting and caring in laws . Blessed I am .

6. Recently I have started following some of the old school habits and I’ve successfully get rid of soaps,body wash,shampoos . I’ve gone for oiling and cleansing with green gram powder . Happy for the changes I see.

7. Books,books,books – we buy more books than anything . There are many read,half read and unread books in my shelf . I look forward for the days when I’ll be sipping hot coffee,reading a book and enjoying the rain.

8. I’m a qualified engineer with post graduation, yet I’m a stay at home parent raising my kids . I enjoy each moment of this,I don’t miss even a slightest smile my kids give . I’ll get back to work one day .

9. I am not a great cook,though at times I cook exceptionally well that I fail to replicate the same for another time. But my husband doesn’t complain and he cooks better than me( for certain dishes ).

10. I had always wanted to visit Dubai since child hood (I still wonder why ?? I don’t have an answer ) The desire grew with me as I grew up. A week after our wedding we flew to Dubai and we stayed there for more than a year .

11.Movies,movies and movies . I love movies and so do my best half . We enjoyed at least a movie in the initial days of marriage . Though going out for movies with two tiny people are difficult now, I still have the love for it .

12. Travelling -though not much , we have visited few places around and these are the times we talk a lot .

13. This blog ,this writing ,this experience and these words . I love it !!

Daily post · Poem

The end of a godman

He was a Godman,a swami 

She was a little girl,still in school

She was scared of him 

She hated him 

She hated his touches 

She hated his presence 

Yet, he was home often !! 

Her parents trusted him 

Her parents confided in him .

Days ,months and years passed 

He came still ,

He went to her 

That was the last time – 

All the anger

All the hatred

All the frustrations 

Catapulted there !! 

No more he can rape anyone

No more he would be aroused 

No more he have his genitals 

It was chopped off !!! 
(A male Hindu religious teacher is known as a swami ) 

This is based on a recent incident in the Southern Indian State,Kerala where a young woman chopped off the genitals of a godman who had been raping her since her school days . Link for the news is given below. 


In response to the dailypost prompt catapult.Catapult