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To my daughters,with love

Dear daughters ,

The first time I saw two pink lines -I was happy and I was expecting them too . I was happy that I’m pregnant ,a tiny seed of life growing in me .The instant wish I had was ‘I want a healthy baby girl”. That is the tiny story of ‘A’ coming to this world.

Two years flew  and we saw two more pink lines – and I prayed the same.’ I want a healthy baby girl’ . People around me were curious – it should be a boy/ looks like its going to be a boy / you want a girl or boy ? Yes ,no one asked me if I wanted a girl. Questions over questions were linked only about having a boy baby . Not that I dont like boys,but because I wanted a baby girl very badly . So came my little  ‘N’ .

Babies , you both are gonna be my darling babies however big you grow up or whatsoever position you girls take .While penning these ,you dont even know to read or write -but one day will come when you understand these .

I know ,we have brought you to a dangerous world -a place which is not going to be easy to survive . A place where you might be mocked or knocked for your religion or skin tone or locale or any xyz. A world where terrorists and pedophiles pose equal threat . Me and your father need to be hawk eyed all time .Yes, such is the world now .We need to equip you to be fighters and headstrong . No ,we dont intend to grow you up like”boys” .But the real girls – who know to stand up for themselves ,who can  think and act ,who can drive and cook ,who have opinions and decisions . We dont want you to be another melodramatic submissive queen as seen in soaps.

Dear A and N , you are not pressured to bring  laurels or to stand first in the class .We just want you to do your best . We want to bring  colours to your dreams .We want to see you achieving your dreams and soaring high . Go grab your seats to study anything anywhere in this world and we’ll not stop you from getting there. Go , be an entrepreneur if that is your calling . On a flip side ,if you need to have a silent simple life – go for it .Go for anything you want in your life .

Live with lots of compassion and happiness ,fill the lives of your dear and nears with love and joy . Travel around the world ,meet people,talk and explore different cultures . Know yourself- know what you want and what you dont want .Enjoy being yourself. Being “your true self  ” is the best gift you can give yourselves.Read ,Read,Read – everything from hardy boys to romeo and Juliet to classics .Read fiction,non fiction, biographies and anything you can find .

One day ,you will read this and you have to read this .You need to know “our dreams” for you . We want you to know how much you little girls make our life .

With Love,



2 thoughts on “To my daughters,with love

  1. Aww.. imagining the moment when they read this through, they will be so happy of you being their mother. Unbelievable.
    (I guess you are a maths teacher, lets say A, N and XYZ, haha)


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