Daily post · Poem

I weep for you 

The mountains, the plains and the deserts

The plants,the trees and the green lands ,

The cattle , the pet and the poultry,

The men,the women and the children,

The born and the unborn in womb,

The young and the old –

All attacked with bombs and guns ,

With chemicals and gases ,

With planes and drones

By friends and foe .

For Aylan Kurdi, all arose for a day ,

Only to be erased soon .

Some drowned in deep blue

Some  crossed walls to live

Some lived , some dead , some half alive .

None cares for you

None loves you

None come to you

You are alone

You be a doctor or teacher,

Do business or service

Wear branded or not

You are none today .

I weep for you Syria !!

I weep for you !!

Dedicated to all people who worry and care for Syrians . 

In response to the daily post prompt None. None


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