Daily post · Poem


She played in the sand ,made into muddle

She drew with colours ,on the walls and doors

She rode on tricycle, rolling and tumbling

She jumped on bed , fell over down

She took some water , to splash and play

She looked at plants , with joy and surprise

She ran to pets , to touch and cuddle

She played at day ,she played at night

She played over and again

“When shall I grow big ?” She asked .
She rides a car , she fly in air

She has deadlines and targets ,

She have kids and kitchen ,

She don’t see flowers,

She don’t touch pets ,

She is busy ,day and night

All she said ” growing up is unfair ” .
“When will I grow up ” my three year old asks daily at least once. Once they grow up , they realize being a kid was the good, better and best times of life.

In response to daily post prompt better. Better


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