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The bride 

She wore the prettiest dress ,

She wore the most of jewels ,

Flowers and garlands ,

Mehndi on  hands and legs ,

Make up on  face ,

She looked the prettiest bride .


Scared to take the first step ,

To her future home ,

She stood gazed and peplexed .

She couldn’t read the many eyes ,

All looking at her ,

May be judging – for good or bad ??

She smiled , a pale smile

Took her first step to this home .


A decade later ,

A sunny day ,

Woke up thinking those days ,

The warmth of the new family ,

The care of the new family ,

With no worries ,no hurries

A peaceful home .

In India , marriages are not just between two individuals – its a lifelong connection of two families. Many a times ,the bride is not treated well by the grooms family . This happens irrespective of the socio-cultural status of the families . A bride enters her new home with lots of apprehensions .I’ve tried to potray the feelings of a bride and how things turn out with a good family .

In response to the daily post prompt hospitality . Hospitality


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