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Pink bundles of happiness 

Tiny fingers curled up mine,

Pushing through the hallway ,

All she wants is sand play

And we are doing it now !!
Twenty cakes of water colour,

Up and above the cupboard,

Some one eyed it ,

And we are finger painting now!!
A bunch of bath toys ,

Held tight in both tiny hands ,

With no pajamas or tees,

Its water play for us !!


A giggle I hear ,

A smile I see ,

All she wants is some talk ,

All she wants is some cuddle,

All she wants is to walk ,

All she wants is me ,

And we do it always !!


Our house is a mess ,

With toys around,

With books and colours,

With rattles and softies ,

With bricks and more ,

But its all love and innocence

Bundled in pink .

A slice of my life with a toddler and an infant  .  In response to daily post prompt collaboration . Collaboration


6 thoughts on “Pink bundles of happiness 

  1. The house might be a mess but your daughter won’t remember that – she will remember precious time spent playing with her mum 💜🐻


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