The fear

On every day or every other day ,I read articles or watch videos of Syrian people rather Syrian refugees . Most of the international news agencies give reports on the atrocities on the innocent civilians in whatsoever name they call . Almost a year and a half  or two years back Aylan Kurdi ,a Syrian refugee toddler was drowned in the Pacific ocean and this news with the picture of this little boy lying on the shores took my peaceful sleep away for many days .Similarly a few days back ,there had been reports and video of disastrous chemical attack and a victim gasping for breath .Again there was a man who lost 22 family members including his twin babies of 9 month old .I often wonder how their day would be like or night would be like .Most of them might be expecting death or near death every now and then .Almost all of these incidents shook me to the core and this might be the experience of many .But even after being worried about this ,I didn’t comment or share something of this in my personal accounts .Why ? Plainly because of the fear of being judged . It is not just me , there are many like me who dont share or comment or visibly express any type of emotion  because of the same fear .

How many would have read or even heard about the predicament of Rohingya people? Or at least know they are persecuted?Do many of us even know they are denied many of the basic rights and they live as second class citizens? This is happening in my neighbouring country. This is not a news for the media -Either they live or die ,nobody cares . If Syria stands in limelight ,Rohingyas never come in front of the world . But again ,I read and swipe the screen .I dont share the news – Why ? Simply the fear of being judged .

Coming to my country -the worlds largest democracy ,where secularism is shouted ,where we pledge “every Indians are my brothers and sisters” , people are killed for bovine justice.Let me rephrase. Muslims are killed in the holy name of cow . From one fine day ,cow became holy and reasons were sought to link a human and animal which mostly resulted in an assault or killing of the human. Did we protest? Yes- here and there .Not much of a protest as compared to the activists mob who are on a high vigil to ensure the bovine law .Teenagers were killed and hanged , middle aged men were killed or beaten to almost death – and situation has risen in such a way that being a cattle trader means you could be killed or assaulted in any possible way by the self proclaimed activists with the fancy tag “Gau rakshaks” . If a man can be killed for being suspicious about eating “cow” and then the meat is taken for forensic study to verify if it is cow meat or not – What kind of world are we living in ? Many of us read this news , may be we discuss about this .But nothing further.The tyranny is never ending ,and the Government is masquerading the situation by bringing up some other issues. There is as an upheaval resulting in impatience,insecurity and violence . But we ,the citizens, a majority who condemn the act still keep quiet . Many don’t even dare to raise the voice even in social media .Why ? Plain simple- the fear of being judged . This fear has left us to be the most silent yet fearful spectators of all the incidents around us .

The world has become so compact and small that an incident occurring in one part sends waves to other parts in no time . The fear spreads. So does the hatred . People stopped caring for others and humanity has taken a back seat for long.Insecurity and violence are on a high. The eventual result of all this is nothing but a fearful and unrest society. This conundrum is rising and it is not going to any end soon . No religion teaches us to kill our fellow beings -Its only the misinterpretation and misinformation passed on by the false experts .Practice to read and think ,rather reading and believing. Lets pray for peace, Lets join hands for peace , Lets rise to our feet for peace,Lets learn to respond with maturity and calmness, Lets give a peaceful place for our children !!


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