Daily post · Poem


He crawled through the one room house

He was playing with sand and stones

In seconds a shell descended ,

He was not even a year old !!


She was happy ,she was playful

She loved hide and seek

She loved running and jumping

Chemicals were poured on them

From sky high .


She lied on left , listened those kicks

She smiled in peace

Bombs were around

Never knew her turn

Before she rose ,

She was no more .


He walked brisk

Holding a doll and lolipop

He knew they waited

The apple of his eyes

But who knew he wouldn’t reach !!
Life has become so uncertain. Wars around the globe , with no humanity prevailing . People seems to be creating wars for weapons . This poem has to be read co relating to on going wars . None of us know how the innocent civilians pass their days – totally unsure of their life . None of them are responsible for their situation too,but still they are the sufferers.

In response to daily post prompt descend.Descend


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