Daily post · Poem


Before the golden rays touched the sky ,

Before the birds flew off their nests,

Before men started off their work,

Before kids went to school,

They went to the deep blue sea

In search of fish ,

With a boat and net ,

They were three – always good friends.


Wind was not in their favour,

Toppled the bottle in the middle of the sea ,

Three were thrown away ,

Adrift in the sea 

For three days and nights 

Amidst the water- no drop to drink 

Fatigued and drowsy 

No cue of help around .


Hope kept them alive,

Prayers made them strong ,

A ship in far sight –

She saw them and came .


Living in their home ,

Happily and cheerfully ,

Still they are –

The same old fishermen . 
Inspired from a real incident ,a year or two back when three fishermen in Kerala were stranded in sea for three days and nights and got rescued by a ship . In response to the daily post prompt adrift. Adrift


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