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The end of a godman

He was a Godman,a swami 

She was a little girl,still in school

She was scared of him 

She hated him 

She hated his touches 

She hated his presence 

Yet, he was home often !! 

Her parents trusted him 

Her parents confided in him .

Days ,months and years passed 

He came still ,

He went to her 

That was the last time – 

All the anger

All the hatred

All the frustrations 

Catapulted there !! 

No more he can rape anyone

No more he would be aroused 

No more he have his genitals 

It was chopped off !!! 
(A male Hindu religious teacher is known as a swami ) 

This is based on a recent incident in the Southern Indian State,Kerala where a young woman chopped off the genitals of a godman who had been raping her since her school days . Link for the news is given below. 


In response to the dailypost prompt catapult.Catapult


3 thoughts on “The end of a godman

  1. Wonderful…. Splendid… Love the way that you connect pixelated words into a piece of poetry, an art, a candy for the eyes of the readers. The theme for your blog, and the layout really suits your vogue of writing. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!

    Liked by 1 person

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