13 reasons challenge 

After a long time , when I dusted out my passion for writing and started a blog , the first blogger to follow me was mumsthewordblog. Today I saw her 13 Reasons challenge – 13 Reasons to be happy.The same one was seen a few days back in Virtual Vomit blog too.

1. I live in a peaceful place , “Gods own Country”  a state in India when many countries are war stricken .

2. I have an amazing husband who stands with me for each of my decisions . Though poles apart in our character, we are like iron and magnet . All thanks to Almighty.

3. Two little girls – a three year and a five month , they give me no time to worry -for whatsoever reason it be.

4. My parents , who are still  healthy , to whom I still talk daily – the true treasures of my life .

5. Unlike the soaps you watch , I have very loving ,supporting and caring in laws . Blessed I am .

6. Recently I have started following some of the old school habits and I’ve successfully get rid of soaps,body wash,shampoos . I’ve gone for oiling and cleansing with green gram powder . Happy for the changes I see.

7. Books,books,books – we buy more books than anything . There are many read,half read and unread books in my shelf . I look forward for the days when I’ll be sipping hot coffee,reading a book and enjoying the rain.

8. I’m a qualified engineer with post graduation, yet I’m a stay at home parent raising my kids . I enjoy each moment of this,I don’t miss even a slightest smile my kids give . I’ll get back to work one day .

9. I am not a great cook,though at times I cook exceptionally well that I fail to replicate the same for another time. But my husband doesn’t complain and he cooks better than me( for certain dishes ).

10. I had always wanted to visit Dubai since child hood (I still wonder why ?? I don’t have an answer ) The desire grew with me as I grew up. A week after our wedding we flew to Dubai and we stayed there for more than a year .

11.Movies,movies and movies . I love movies and so do my best half . We enjoyed at least a movie in the initial days of marriage . Though going out for movies with two tiny people are difficult now, I still have the love for it .

12. Travelling -though not much , we have visited few places around and these are the times we talk a lot .

13. This blog ,this writing ,this experience and these words . I love it !!


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