Daily post · Poem


I sit with rake , spoon and moulds

Gathering the sand and mixing with water

Trying to mould and make  shapes

Mud over my face ,hands and legs

I don’t care ,for I’m not here to impress .


All the colour pencils spread out

I paint an elephant blue , tiger is colourful

I don’t care if hair is yellow and face is red

All I do is to colour

I ain’t here to impress .


I don’t worry about my eyebrows

Neither my hair nor my dress worries me

I don’t care if my shoes matches

I don’t try to impress anyone ,for I’m a child.
Children – the most innocent and happy people . They don’t fake anything or try to impress anyone ,they live in the moment -enjoying every bit they do .In response to daily post prompt impression.Impression


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