Daily post · Poem

Fortunate soul 

Trusting unknown people ,

Paying them hefty ,

Packing bags and going at night

Into the deep blue sea .

Rough and harsh they are

Wondering why I trusted them

Pushing and stacking us in the boat

Not a space to breathe !!

Off we sail to Greece , but who knows ?

Sea was rough and rude

Was she angry ??

The wind was bad and heavy

Capsized our small boat

Threw us into the salty water

I swam a bit ,

Afloat for sometime ,

People drowning around me ,

Stayed strong with hope

A rescue boat may come – that’s all I pray

Floating for hours

I’m back to life ,

I’m a fortunate soul .
Syrian refugee crisis has been upsetting me since I started reading about it . Many people were drowned while trying to escape Syria , may be many survived too . We don’t know if the survival was fortunate enough for them in the new land . This is in response to the daily post prompt survive.Survive


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