Daily post · Poem


The barren lands 

The dying plants and crops 

With no water in sight 

With no water for hope 

He sighed in pain 

All hardwork in vain.


The cattle mooed and bellowed 

In pain and hunger 

Not a drop to drink 

Calves dying of thirst 

He cried , in total despair. 


Kids slept , crying and complaining 

Wife sat, nothing to say 

He lay ,looking up at sky 

A drop on his forehead 

Thunder and lightning 

Rain – the only welcome reprieve !! 

Drought is a severe situation wherein huge number of farmers are affected. In despair,many commit suicide . The only escape from drought is rain . People held mass prayers for rain this year in many parts of India . In response to daily post prompt reprieve.Reprieve</a


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