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Food – Perfume – Cure

Shabby hair , torn dress ,unwashed body 

She slept on streets 

Never knew where she belonged 

Walked begging for food

Stopped near a hotel , 

Aroma of sambhar infused 

Looked inside with hope and fear 

She might be slapped or kicked or shouted !

Alas ! A plate of fresh food – 

She looked up , a smiling man . 


She was grumpy 

She was depressed

She was in despair 

He left her for someone

She was betrayed

Took a deep breath , she arose

Walked to her cupboard, 

Took her Issey Miyake 

Wore it all over , for he was against it once 

Floral smell infused the room 

She loved it again 

She became her true self . 


He lay in pain 

Morphines helping a bit 

Waiting for the day to end

Waiting for stem cell infusion .

Sambhar – Lentil based vegetable stew based on broth made with tamarind . 

Issey  Miyake – a perfume brand

I have tried three stories – a beggar girls’ story , a girl who was betrayed by her boy friend and a man suffering from cancer in response to daily post prompt infuseInfuse

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