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The wheel of life 

As I grow each day , my materialistic attraction lessens and I’m more to knowing myself and others . I realize , we go through a wheel of changes bringing us back almost like a kid in the old age . I see the best example in my paternal grandmother who is almost 90. She lives with us since the death of my grand father (almost 20 years) and recently I see her deteriorate both physically and mentally.

 Off late, she makes demands like a kid and cry if her demands are not met in the way she wanted .One day  we see her crying so much , saying something in between. We ask our house help what was going on and she says my grandmother is crying saying she dont have a saree to wear , and this when around 20 sarees were kept near her . She didn’t like anything and she was asking something she wore sometime after her wedding !! This resembles so much the tantrums a toddler would make when they make unrealistic demands .

Another to say , grandmother comes up with stories of death of some healthy lively people . We wonder why she said so , but she adamantly sticks to it . She keeps saying her youngest daughter in law passed away inspite of seeing her alive . Her logic says that is some other lady dressed like daughter in law . It reminds of the make up stories of my three year old .

Untimely demands are another common factor for old and young kids . My grandmother demands something or other to be eaten at midnight once everyone are asleep. I’d been through this phase for my elder kid many times !!

All these makes me realise , either today or tomorrow we all pass through similar cycle of events. When we show tolerance to our kids and irritation to old people- how fair it is ?? The realisation that we might reach the same point sooner or later is the remedy to not being irritated and angry . A self reminder that these people gave their blood and soul to raise their kids would tackle much of the issues . But when we are tired of our work life and family life – these are not easy to follow steps . Again reminding ourselves, their days are much numbered and making them happy shouldn’t bother us too much 🙂 .
In response to daily post prompt wheel.


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Global village

World – a global village

People chatting sitting in afar corners

People skyping over continents

Where IMO’s and DUO’s are must

Where messenger and whatsapp are mandatory

Instagram and Facebook are life lines

Wifi or data are blood like

Connecting over continents

Talking about multi cultures

Forgetting the local connections

The next door neighbour –

Who would run to you to help you

But you forget his face

You forget to smile

Because you are immersed in your phone !!
We live in a world of super connectivity , we can message , see and talk to anyone sitting in any corner of the world. While many people make many new friends across the borders , they forget about the friends,neighbors and relatives in their close vicinity. The smart phone keeps you engaged even when you walk, sit or travel . You hardly speak to other people around. Observing the co -travelers in any public transport will show that people are always with their phones , never interested in making a ‘real’ connection to another human being !! A way in which technology is killing us . In response to daily post prompt local.Local

Daily post · Poem

The illusive world 

I bought clothes,shoes and bags 

I thought they’d bring happiness 

Illusion it was !! 

I lived in frustration still .. 


I made a house , 

Glorified with expensive interiors 

I thought it’d make a home

Illusion it was !!

It was just some bricks and mud . 


I kept a ‘yes’ nod to all around 

I thought making them happy was important 

Illusion it was !!

I stayed frustrated with it…


I gave her expensive gifts 

I thought she’d love me for that

Illusion it was !!

I felt lost again … 


I was in the death bed 

I’d hundreds of Facebook friends 

I’d a few hundreds instagram followers 

I thought they’d come and meet 

Illusion it was !!

Just my family around –

I hardly saw them , coz I lived in my illusive world all these days .

Many people around us live in a highly illusive world- trying to find happiness in materialistic things, trying to “buy” love , trying to be with ‘online friends’ being offline from the real world and real people . This is a current generation scenario.Our parents or grandparents never experienced these . Coming out of illusion and living in real world is going to be a challenge for the coming generation. In response to daily post prompt illusion.Illusion

Daily post · Poem

My commitments

Oh My parents-

Never do I commit my time and energy every day and night

Never do I commit bundles of money

I do commit- my prayers and love

For I’m your sweat and blood.


Oh My kids –

Never do I commit a life of ease

Never do I commit you get what you want

I do commit- my unconditional love and prayers

For you are my heart and soul .


Oh my Husband-

Never do I commit a life of no arguments

Never do I commit wealth and power

I do commit- my trust,love and prayers

For I’m incomplete without you.
In response to daily post prompt commit.Commit

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The magician 

Lonely in a crowd

Mind bustling with emotions

People around cares nothing

I walk from there –

Yet another crowd

But , no ones seems to care

I walk from there –

Untill I reach my room

No crowd , No one there

A fresh page of journal awaits me

My mind flows through my pen

The bustling calms down

Calming to a silent stream

A whoosh changed to a babble

The magician- a paper and pen .

Many a times ,I’ve felt the magic of paper and pen – let it be to calm down my mind overflowing with mixed emotions or to jot down some ideas , to relax or to shut off anger outbursts. I’m sure many would relate to this . In response to daily post prompt paper.Paper

Daily post · Poem


Never did she knew –

It was her last prayers ,

Never did her parents knew –

They would lose their daughter,

Never did she knew –

She wouldn’t make it for Eid,

Never did her parents knew

Their last iftar was over ,

Never did she knew-

She would be crushed before blossoming,

Never did her parents knew-

They would never see her smile ,

Never did she knew-

Someone unknown would meddle and rip her apart- her body and soul ,

Nabra , we lost you !!
A tribute to Nabra , who was beaten to death while walking back from night prayers . In response to daily post prompt meddle.Meddle

Daily post

Relieved ??

How would it be to live in a country which is not your own ? Not living as an expat having a paid job , but as a refugee living in disappointment and worry. Having to flee one’s own country for life ,leaving aside all your material belongings,your grown up home and everything. I try to imagine how it would feel like . I wonder how it would be to realize the only way to escape is via sea in a rubber boat and we don’t know to swim . Yes , neither me nor my kids know swimming,my husband can manage a bit -nothing more . How could it be to live in tents or in a refugee camp without a proper job in spite the fact that we are well educated and had a good paying job in home country? How could be if we realize our kids will be leading these lives with barely food to keep lives and no education? How could be the life when there is only uncertainty. How could you sleep ,when you know there is no hope for tomorrow. How could you move on if you have only vagueness left about your future!! How could you move from your home country when you know you lost many relatives or parents or spouse or kids in war and you don’t know if you’ll ever come back . I try to think about all these and my heart aches each time I read about refugees .It is not possible for me to not to think . I’m finding it hard even though I don’t stay anywhere near these people or I personally know even a single refugee. We see success stories of refugees-but how many succeeded? May be a few hundreds? There are around 6 million refugees , the highest possible no’s currently as per UN . And 55% comes from three countries-Syria, South Sudan and Afganistan . The majority of refugees are accepted and live in low income countries . I can think why should I worry , I can live happily here at my home , with my kids ,husband and extended family  . But I realize it is not easy . It has started disturbing me more and more that I’m not at all at peace . I even try to think what I can do for them – but I don’t even have a single idea to save even one among them 😦 .

It should be a matter of relief that I don’t live in such a state , but unfortunately it doesn’t. Let’s pray – love ,peace and happiness spreads everywhere. Am I relieved? I don’t know .

In response to daily post prompt relieved.