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Imagination unlimited

Kids especially toddlers never cease to amuse me. Let it be my own three year old or my nephew or niece -all throw their wildest possible imagination out to the world .

1. Pluck the Mangoes

We have a mango tree in our front yard which had lots of mangoes,but almost all in the upper branches so none of us could easily get any .One day my three year old was having a conversation with her grandfather –

“It’s not easy to get those mangoes ,they are almost unreachable for us .I’ll get mangoes from the shop ”

My three year girl with her wide open eyes “it is easy . You sit in a basket ,I will tie it with a rope and put it over the branch .I’ll slowly pull the rope and you can go up and pluck mangoes “.

2. The imaginary friends

Almost all toddlers have imaginary friends – even mine too have them . Two imaginary friends to be precise – Ajitha and Afin . These two people can be found anywhere – from market to TV to shopping malls ,wherever we go she points to someone and says “that girl with orange dress is Ajitha” or “that girl standing with an umbrella is Ajitha”. This had been happening since last five or six months .

From one fine day onward she started showing her middle finger for anything and everything she says. We were shocked as well as embarrassed, none of us do it and we were totally wary about how she got such a habit .So while giving her a shower I asked her “Don’t show the middle finger to people while talking .From where did you see this ?Have you seen anyone doing it ?” The immediate response was ” Yes, Afin always does this in school .” [She don’t go to any school or play group yet ]

One day we find that the land phone receiver is kept off the phone.I was asking who kept the receiver like that and there was no response.My mother asked “Did Ajitha call u?”

“no” came the quick reply

“Did you call Ajitha?”

“Yes,we spoke for sometime ”

Ajitha and Afin stories continues ….

In response to daily post prompt imaginary.Imaginary


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