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While in school , we had white shirt and blue skirt as uniform for girls and white shirt and blue trousers for boys . The school timings were normally from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. On most of the days ,after lunch boys’ white shirt would turn brown or some shades of brown because of their rigourous play . Our class teacher of standard two,Sr.Maria once announced a prize daily for the kid who keeps his uniform clean after the lunch break . All in my memory the only student who got the prize or gift was Christo Jacob . I don’t know if he used to play or not, but I can remember his neat white tucked in shirts and well kept hair . This happened in 1991-92, and this prompt made me remember Sr.Maria and Christo Jacob.


The school re opening shopping was a most looked forward event in my childhood . This was one of the few occasions we would travel from our village to the town and that meant a lunch and ice cream along with the new notebooks,brown papers ,name slip stickers ,uniform clothes etc . Bag,water bottle, pencil box and umbrella were only bought once in three years or so .There was also a trip to the tailor to stitch the uniforms . Now, when my kid is reaching the age of school all these memories bring in a lot of nostalgia.

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