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Small town girl

She was a small town girl ,

All natty and witty . 

When women draped sarees,

She adorned a crop top and jeans .

When women covered in abayas,

She found happiness in her jump suit.

When women preferred salwar kameez 

She liberated herself in a dress . 

People called her arrogant 

None accepted her audacity 

They called her an out cast . 

She lived her life –

On her terms

She loved her life –

Each bit and piece ,

With no regrets.

The story of a small town girl who lived life on her terms ,who never bothered ‘what others might say’ ,who pursued her dreams and ambitions . In response to daily post prompt natty .Natty


4 thoughts on “Small town girl

  1. This story is beautiful to me because it highlights the courageous spirit of living free and not worrying about what others think about you. Blessings to you. Thank you for sharing.


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