Daily post · Poem


He talked a lot 

All soft and sweet 

All polished and sugar coated ;

She listened –

Ardently and earnestly 

She waited-

Neither ate nor slept 

He spoke on lengths

Of all he knew 

Of all she wanted .


She waited for days 

No calls or messages 

She couldn’t bear it 

She left all- her parents and siblings

Her friends and classmates 

Her studies and hobbies 

To be with him

Her soulmate or she thought so . 


She sat shocked and depressed 

All she found was an old man 

Grandfather of four 

Afterall she was a young college girl. 
A few years back in Kerala ,India many cases were reported in which school /college going girls were victims for anonymous phone relationships . A girl pursuing her Engineering degree went in search of her ‘phone boy friend’ only to find that he was a sixty+ year old man . Link below.


In response to dailypost prompt polish. Polish


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