Daily post · Poem

Three revelations 

Life was tough 

With bombs and shells around 

With chemicals and gas attacks 

Sailing in an unknown boat –

Trusting the strangers 

All collapsed in the moment 

The driver said “we are leaving you here ” 

Amidst the sea , he jumped to another boat 

Leaving them hopeless . 


Life was tough 

Working hard to meeting ends 

His wife was his love

His daughter was his life and soul 

All collapsed in the moment 

She said “daughter is not yours “.


Life was tough 

Living an abusive life

She was kicked and slapped 

She was dealt with contempt 

She hoped for a bright day still

All collapsed in the moment

He said “I’ve another woman “.

Three stories – a refugee trying to escape via sea , a man who lived for his family and a wife who lived in an abusive relationship  hoping for a better day  and how a revelation changed their lives . In response to daily post prompt revelation.Revelation


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