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Ultimate Triumph 

She felt lonely ,in the deep dark night 

Her man sleeping on the same bed 

Who never forgot to abuse her 

Yesterday ,today and even tomorrow??

She bore the physical pain ,

From the hits and kicks 

Emotional pain was beyond endurance

She wondered why she married – 

To the most deplorable man 

With most afflictive mind 

Who carried only negativities

Who never saw positives

Who felt triumphed each time she cried 

Who felt high each time she was slapped .

She made it – 

To walk out of it , barely twenty five was she 

People condemned her ,

Never trying to know her worry 

But she did it –

The ultimate triumph in her life 

To live a life in peace forever .
Many a times ,women continue in an abusive relationship for the sake of children or for the fear of “what others might say ” . The above poem is a self reflection , how I escaped from such a person . In response to daily post prompt triumph. Triumph


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