Daily post · Poem


Dusting the old books ,

I found my old diary – 

A diary of memories 

A collection of college days . 

I saw notes from my friends 

My classmates and room mates

It took me to the days we spent 

Together in class and cafeteria 

Studying and eating 

Chit chats till late night

Last minute studies for exams – 

All I got was a smile on my lips 

And calmth in my mind 

Those volumes of memories – 

Seems that bad ones got erased 

All good ones sustained.


Traveling miles and miles 

To revisit my childhood home 

The child in me woke up 

To the good old memories 

The days I learned bicycle rides 

The days I climbed the compound walls 

The days I made paper boats 

The days I played in rain

The volumes of memories 

To cherish forever . 
In response to daily post prompt volume. Volume


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