Daily post · Poem

Old age

I’m woken up by the caretaker 

For a cup of tea and porridge 

Followed by some medicines 

I wonder since how long I’m here,

Or how long I’d stay here ? 

Trying to think –

Memory tapers , 

It doesn’t go afar .

I think about my kids

I yearn for their touch 

Waiting for them to come ,

May be they are busy ? 

I think about my grandkids 

Smiling at their thoughts 

May be they are busy too? 

I think about them every day ,every time

May be they’d be thinking about me too.

I looked out , 

Its all a blur 

Someone spoke ,

I couldn’t make out though !!

Caretakers ,nurses and doctor

And many like me around

I see only them 

They are my family now 

Will my kids come ?

One day ,they shall 

I say to myself –

It keeps me living 

All these days and more .

Many a times I wonder, how would my old age be . Will my kids be around ? Or I would end up in some old age homes ? How would be the life there . Will I be happy ? I dont know, neither do I know if I’ll live till there . In response to daily post prompt taper. Taper


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