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The very first fact that flashed my mind when I saw the prompt was the ‘paragon restaurant’. If you ever plan to visit the beautiful Gods own country aka Kerala,the beautiful coastal state in India -this is definitely a never miss restaurant.The restaurant famous for Appam (a type of Indian pancake made with rice,coconut and yeastvwith overnight fermentation)Biryani and variety of sea food . Me and my daughter are ardent Biryani lovers and we could easily finish off the plate . On the other hand , my husband tries almost everything on their menu. Long back , while I was still a student in college we used to go to this restaurant and many a times we had to wait behind the people having their food to have a seat – Such was the rush then (2002-2006) .Now when I write these , it really sounds embarrassing ( standing behind people while they are eating 🙄). After many years , after marriage when I was in Dubai we went to Paragon for lunch . On Fridays ,the restaurant opens after Juma and the kind of crowd waiting outside make one feel that none cooks food on holidays !! When I first visited the restaurant I was so happy and nostalgic and when the waiter came I happily placed an order for ‘half biriyani ‘(meaning half plate biriyani). He looked amused as if I spoke some alien language and said there is no half biriyani ,only full plate is available. I knew I couldn’t finish off then , but still ordered and finished almost three fourths . We had been there many times because most times the weekend lunch with friends and family happens there . Loving the fondest memories of Dubai through Paragon through daily post. 


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