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School days

Those days of fear and apprehension 

When teacher takes a test 

I’d wished that teacher takes leave; 

Those days of fun and play 

When all were excited 

Just to go for a picnic 

All day in the same bus ;

Those first days of all years 

Worrying if any friends changed schools 

Anxiety at the peak 

And excitement to meet friends ;

Those days of yearly exams 

When we all could speak was subjects 

When all were tensed about one chapter or other

When all would sit together for a last round revision ;

Those lunch breaks 

Sharing the lunch and special food

Bringing an extra lunch box to share biryani ;

Those tensed up moments 

When teacher asks questions 

And the prompts from friends;

Those long phone calls

To talk about the happenings in class ; 

Never knew I was creating memories 

To cherish life long .

The best days in my life – schooldays . In response to daily post prompt create.Create


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