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Blossom – the name of my home , where I lived since my high school days .

In India , we have a house name ( I’m unaware if the practice exist in other countries too) along with the house number . This could be a family name or any name which the owners choose to give . So ‘Blossom’ was selected by me and with no objections accepted by all .

It was after many years (14 years to be precise) of living in Govt Quarters , we moved to our own home . While we were excited that we get our own bedrooms where we have individual table and chair to study , different bathrooms etc, these were shadowed by the fact that we were being transferred to some other school which means I’ll be missing all of my best friends .The Govt Quarters was close to the hospital where my mother worked and was a 1 BHK set up . The dining table doubled as dining and study table . While my parents occupied the bedroom me and my brother had our beds in the hall . So comparing to all these , our own home was a heaven !!

This home had seen many major life events- me and my brother graduated, my wedding,my kids were brought to my home after delivery, my parents retirement… If the walls could speak they woud say the number of times we were happy as well as sad . This home reminds me on the food we ate – the biryanis , mangoes from our front yard , sugar apple aka custard apple , tender coconuts etc . This home brings to me the fights I had with my brother , the arguments with my parents , my inane inefficiency to articulate my instincts to my parents and much more . I could write on and on about this. But no , and now I understand I don’t even have a single photograph of my own home .
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2 thoughts on “Blossom

  1. This is such a lovely recollection of your old home. Nevermind that you don’t have a photo of it – it left you with loads of emotions and memories that you will cherish forever 🙂 Moving can be a hard thing especially if we’ve lived some place for a while and become attached to it. It is as if the place has become a part of us and we have become part of the place. Not only do we have great moments ourselves, the people around often make the place we live memorable.

    I remember when I moved from Singapore back to Australia, I didn’t want to move. I loved Singapore the people, weather and food, and til this day, I miss the country a lot.

    Hope the place you’re living in now is treating you well 🙂


    1. That was such a lovely response Mabel . I do agree that shifting from one place to another especially where we have grown up ,is very tough . I hope you are having a nice timein Australia as well . Have a great day/night ahead 🙂🙂

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