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Relieved ??

How would it be to live in a country which is not your own ? Not living as an expat having a paid job , but as a refugee living in disappointment and worry. Having to flee one’s own country for life ,leaving aside all your material belongings,your grown up home and everything. I try to imagine how it would feel like . I wonder how it would be to realize the only way to escape is via sea in a rubber boat and we don’t know to swim . Yes , neither me nor my kids know swimming,my husband can manage a bit -nothing more . How could it be to live in tents or in a refugee camp without a proper job in spite the fact that we are well educated and had a good paying job in home country? How could be if we realize our kids will be leading these lives with barely food to keep lives and no education? How could be the life when there is only uncertainty. How could you sleep ,when you know there is no hope for tomorrow. How could you move on if you have only vagueness left about your future!! How could you move from your home country when you know you lost many relatives or parents or spouse or kids in war and you don’t know if you’ll ever come back . I try to think about all these and my heart aches each time I read about refugees .It is not possible for me to not to think . I’m finding it hard even though I don’t stay anywhere near these people or I personally know even a single refugee. We see success stories of refugees-but how many succeeded? May be a few hundreds? There are around 6 million refugees , the highest possible no’s currently as per UN . And 55% comes from three countries-Syria, South Sudan and Afganistan . The majority of refugees are accepted and live in low income countries . I can think why should I worry , I can live happily here at my home , with my kids ,husband and extended family  . But I realize it is not easy . It has started disturbing me more and more that I’m not at all at peace . I even try to think what I can do for them – but I don’t even have a single idea to save even one among them 😦 .

It should be a matter of relief that I don’t live in such a state , but unfortunately it doesn’t. Let’s pray – love ,peace and happiness spreads everywhere. Am I relieved? I don’t know .

In response to daily post prompt relieved.



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