Daily post · Poem

The illusive world 

I bought clothes,shoes and bags 

I thought they’d bring happiness 

Illusion it was !! 

I lived in frustration still .. 


I made a house , 

Glorified with expensive interiors 

I thought it’d make a home

Illusion it was !!

It was just some bricks and mud . 


I kept a ‘yes’ nod to all around 

I thought making them happy was important 

Illusion it was !!

I stayed frustrated with it…


I gave her expensive gifts 

I thought she’d love me for that

Illusion it was !!

I felt lost again … 


I was in the death bed 

I’d hundreds of Facebook friends 

I’d a few hundreds instagram followers 

I thought they’d come and meet 

Illusion it was !!

Just my family around –

I hardly saw them , coz I lived in my illusive world all these days .

Many people around us live in a highly illusive world- trying to find happiness in materialistic things, trying to “buy” love , trying to be with ‘online friends’ being offline from the real world and real people . This is a current generation scenario.Our parents or grandparents never experienced these . Coming out of illusion and living in real world is going to be a challenge for the coming generation. In response to daily post prompt illusion.Illusion


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