Daily post · Poem

Global village

World – a global village

People chatting sitting in afar corners

People skyping over continents

Where IMO’s and DUO’s are must

Where messenger and whatsapp are mandatory

Instagram and Facebook are life lines

Wifi or data are blood like

Connecting over continents

Talking about multi cultures

Forgetting the local connections

The next door neighbour –

Who would run to you to help you

But you forget his face

You forget to smile

Because you are immersed in your phone !!
We live in a world of super connectivity , we can message , see and talk to anyone sitting in any corner of the world. While many people make many new friends across the borders , they forget about the friends,neighbors and relatives in their close vicinity. The smart phone keeps you engaged even when you walk, sit or travel . You hardly speak to other people around. Observing the co -travelers in any public transport will show that people are always with their phones , never interested in making a ‘real’ connection to another human being !! A way in which technology is killing us . In response to daily post prompt local.Local


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