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All I could write about a snack is my daily worry what my toddler would demand for an evening snack . Though it mostly varies from a scrambled egg to home made french fries to saute bananas topped with bit of sugar ,it almost always happen that she asks for something which is not available at the moment. Unlike the most ‘normal’ toddlers,this little lady refuses milk or any diary products .Since force feeding is not in my agenda I accept any of her demands with the exception for junk foods .There was a time when I coaxed her in many ways to give milk, but all in vain . Except for that she pretty much likes most of the things with no special demands .

My family around me is a ‘snack family’ ,most of them like different varieties of chips – banana or potato or tapioca or jack fruit to  name a few . Or they would snack on some roasted peanut or ‘mixture’ . But I don’t fit in there too, I don’t like snacking when sitting and chatting or while travelling or while watching a movie . Wonder any one like me is there?? I do eat 1-2 biscuits for evening tea ,but not more. The only things I love to eat in between meals are some fruits or some dark chocolates . I’m so fond of those dark chocolates that I prefer them dark with above 70% cocoa ,the more the percentage -the merrier I am !! In our home we even make some home made snacks for evening tea – cutlets ,samosas,banana fritters ,swiss rolls to name a few. Among them banana fritters are the most widely made even without any occasion and all others are mostly made when there are guests or there is an occasion . So how about you – What type of snacks do you eat in your country ?Or are you like me – a not a snack person ?

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