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They brought him up

With abundance of love and care

Gave him the best education

And he is big and smart now .
He is too big and too smart

That he dislikes those old souls

Whose blood and sweat is he


They are old now

To walk or talk like before

They forgets things

They forget the names

They forget the washrooms too;
They are in old age home

He thinks that is easy

He thinks that is better

He pays the money

He thinks they are taken care

He thinks money gives all comfort .
He never knew

Child’s love is superior

Everything else is substandard

He need to be a parent

To realize and accept the facts !!!!


Many a times we forget the hard times our parents had in raising us . Especially when we are in a busy high profile position people tend to forget their parents and it becomes easy to join their parents in an old age home. Kids feel that it is much easy to pay off the money than to make own parents stay with them . They realize what they did was wrong only when they themselves are parents. A prayer to our parents who brought us up so that we can read write and communicate.

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Daily post · Poem

Lust and abuse 

She thought it was love

She trusted him

She lived on his terms

She left everything for him

Untill she realized-

It was just lust ;

She was broken –

Afterall she was a teen

And he was in thirties.


He played with him

He loved bikes and cars

He gifted him all

What was done to him broke him

He was being used and abused

He never knew it

Afterall he was just four

Paedophile was a family friend!!


She was in school

Smart and witty

Loved dance and books

Played in the ground

Untill one day

She was married off

To a man in fifties

She never knew the abuse

Even when she bled in bed

Afterall she was not even a teen .
A small compilation of what is happening around us.

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Daily post · Poem

Shallow or Deep

If you are a believer-

Have you pondered upon

Your relationship with God?

Let your faith be any

Let your scriptures be any

Let your God be of any name ,

But how is your relation?

Deep or Shallow?

Or going up and down ?

Or trying to build one ?

Or amazingly wonderful?

Or strong and wild ?

Consistent or Inconsistent?

Happy or sad ?

Ever wondered how it is ?

I try every day

In a way or other

To keep my relation ‘live’

Aiming to be steadfast

Aiming to be strong

But I’m still in the journey

The long journey

Not knowing how far

Or how close the destiny ,

But I pray-

That I should be able to pray

Without fail .
This is a self reflective poem of my relationship with Almighty.

Another beautiful composition of similar genre can be found here .

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Daily post · Poem

Sleepless nights

I smile at people 

Hiding behind it the reasons to cry ;

I walk and talk as if all normal

Hiding behind the reasons of desperation;

I eat out with my friends 

Hiding behind the loss of appetite ;

I sit with my family 

Hiding behind the depression from a loss;

I try to sleep as if I’m okay 

But ,

All the hidden feelings surface 

Taking away the peaceful sleep

In the wee hours 

Struggling with tiredness 

I lay with my eyes wide open 

My mind grueling 

Till dawn 

To enact another day of normalcy.

It’s not uncommon that many people hide their feelings/emotions from others – even from friends and family . This might be due to their perception that their emotions/feelings might not be reciprocated properly. But this suppression can’t go on forever. Have you been through it ? If so you’ll know the bitter times and the struggles.This definitely takes a toll on their mental and physical well being . 

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Daily post · life experience · Poem

The ‘Tea’ story 

Over a cup of tea ☕️ 

We met for the first time 

Talking earnestly 

Eating a sandwich and cutlet 

At a small bakery ; 

But five years ago !! 


 Black tea lovers 

Having it any time 

Asking for it anytime 

At home or outside 

But one is just three years 

The ‘like dad like daughter ‘ duo !! 

Daily post prompt Tea

Daily post · Poem

Where is humanity

I walked as a new bride 

My eyes gleaming with joy 

I looked around

To see the disapproval looks

I heard them say –

This was not the tradition 

I was not their ‘caste ‘ 

I knew –

I wouldn’t be accepted 

‘Tradition’ they say 

Where is humanity -I wonder !! 


I’m a just born 

I’m sleeping mostly 

I wake up hardly 

I can’t see people around me 

But I hear they say 

‘I’m a girl born at ‘wrong time’

They don’t seem liking me 

I hear helpless cries of a mother 

‘Tradition’ they say 

‘Where is humanity’- I wonder !!


I walked out of court 

Keeping my head high 

And a calm mind 

I’m single again 

Out of an abusive life ;

I was married once 

With ‘traditions’ and cultures

With caste and religion 

With horoscopes and family 

Only to end up being abused 

People said to stick on 

‘Tradition ‘ they say 

‘Where is humanity’- I wonder!!

And walked off to my world . 

Daily post prompt Traditional

Daily post · Poem

Fragrance of love… 

I walked into my house 

After a days’ tiring work 

My kids were playing 

They came running and hugged

I could feel their fragrance –

Of love and affection 

It eased out the stress I carried 

Mind was calm and peaceful then . 


I walked into my house

I could see my parents waiting 

I saw the twinkle in their eyes

I hugged them tight 

I could feel the fragrance –

Of love,care and affection 

Though a mother –

I was just a child there 

Easing my worries of work 

By being a child again .


I walked out of the airport 

My eyes explored the faces outside ‘arrivals’

And it stuck on one face 

My steps hastened 

I hugged him the moment I was near 

I could feel the fragrance-

Of love, care , affection, support and more

The jet lag was unseen then on 

We held hands and walked out –

My husband and I . 

Daily post prompt Fragrance