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The little souls

A new toy made her scamper 

So does a new box of colour pencils

Without doubt a new book too 

Even an invitation to cook along made her scamper 

Smell of her favourite dish too 

Seeing her grandparents after a while also made her scamper 

Planning a trip somewhere also adds to the list 

Such are the innocent souls 

Finding joy and excitement 

In the tiniest of the tiny things

Expressing them wholly , 

With no pauses or breaks 

These little humans 

Makes the life – the blessed ,the merrier . 

 So are they powerful 

With the tantrums and wailings

Keeping us on tip toes 

These little souls!!! 
Do you have a kid at home ? The chance that you never saw them scamper are hardly nil . They scamper for any tiny things , so do they throw a tantrum for another tiny reason.They can make you feel blissful and worry full at the same time . Life with a toddler definitely elevates the patience levels . 

Daily post prompt Scamper


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