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Journey to eternity

I lay there still , straight and stout

I could hear some blurry cries

So does the faces blur

My soul said – be ready

‘Be ready to leave this world

To the world of eternity’

From birth till this moment

Dashed through my eyes ,

I wondered if my rights were right

Or wrongs were wrong ?

I wondered if my acts would be weighed

Measured and calculated?

I wondered if my family would remember

Or they’ll make me just a photo on wall ?

I wondered if I’d be a fond memory

Or someone to be erased off ?

I wondered if this day came too early

For I’m yet to live my life –

With happiness,hope and peace .

All this dashed through my mind

In a split second ,

And I departed .
Amidst this busy , tensed and stressful life – how many actually ‘live’ ? All I could hear around is how people ‘push on’ their lives to meet the unending targets , working hard for promotions , working overtime for a fat paycheck – all this costs your life , your time with your kids , wife ,parents and friends. Your kids grow up in a blinks time , your wife/husband goes through a lot of physical/emotional changes , your parents age even quicker than you think – and you miss everything and you realize this on the last moment.

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