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Wall- Dress- Dish 

Engrossed in her art , 

Emblellished the wall with her tiny hands 

Scampering to call her papa

She was proud of her creativity 

The shoutings shook her

Plucked off the creativity 

Disappointment was sown deep 

Never did she know her crayons would be gone forever. 


The dress was pretty 

But mud and water excited her 

While all got ready 

Little lady was busy in mud and water 

Face or hands or hair or dress – was not left 

All a muddy muddle

Stunned to see the daughter 

Mama’s scolding feared her 

For she never knew – what ‘costly’ was !!

Plucking off the ‘live in the moment ‘

She was scared to play again . 


She was happy to help 

Holding the dish in her hand 

Walking slowly to the table 

It slipped her hand 

Pieces of shattered glass and food

All a mess in the floor

Stern look took her breath away

It plucked off her ‘helping attitude ‘ 

Forever and ever. 

Kids live in the moment, enjoying what is happening. They dont know to think the ‘pros and cons’ and decide and do something. They live their lives – not bothering about what others might say/think . How many can accept kids as kids ?? 

Daily post prompt Pluck


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