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A month or two back , we had gone to meet a friend who is staying few kms away . Once we reached there , we understood they haven’t yet reached home (they had told us about some shopping ) . We waited outside in our car and saw a buffalo tethered in the nearby grass land .

The above image shows how it was tethered, and my three year old was amazed and shocked to see it . Her question was ” oh , its such a poor animal . The rope is tied on its face!! Poor animal , it might be hurting him . Why are people doing like this ? ” Though I tried to convince her by saying – the buffalo might run and get into danger or it is a common practice , she was very upset . I realized how kind and compassionate the young humans are than us !!

In yet another incident, while we were traveling we could see many buffaloes packed tight in a truck . They are packed so tightly that anyone who see it get upset .

This is how it looks . Anyone who sees this feel sorry for the poor animals . My kid was upset for this too , poor little girl never knew humans forget compassion in the run for money . After all the world is thickening with thick skinned humans who hardly have any humanity left in them .

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