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My name is Junaid

Eid is in a few days

All I wanted is some good clothes

I’d spend my years –

All these years

To memorize the holy book ;

I’m home now ,

I recited the entire holy book

All from my memory !!

My parents are glad

So are my siblings and friends

I am happy too .


I’m off to a city

To buy something good

Some sweets too

I’ve my brother with me .


We shopped for us

We are so happy and excited

We are boarding a train

Our parents are waiting at home .


Some people are intolerant

They are not happy at us

We don’t know who they are

They are pulling our caps and beards

They are calling us ‘beef eaters’

They are dragging us in to fight

For reasons unknown to us !!


Someone took a knife

Stabbed me over and again

My brother is also hurt

None of the passengers helped !!

They pushed us outside

To some station

None helped us there too !!


I bled to death

My parents are waiting for me .

And my name is Junaid

I’m just sixteen !!


This is all about losing humanity and living in this world .A teenager stabbed to death for no reason and more over none helped them .Savage would be a too kind word to describe these acts .Based on a real incident . Link to the news below.


Daily post promptSavage


9 thoughts on “My name is Junaid

    1. This particular incident happened recently and to be honest I was so upset about this. If I ,staying far away from that place and only reading about it can be upset,how could his family cope up anytime?


    1. This happened a few days before Eid . I was so upset when I read about this mob lynch . There was a nation wide protest after this tragic incident.
      But still I wonder how his family is !!


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