Daily post · Poem


She sat with tears flowing down

With no hope left –

Outside the ICU

She knew he would never be back

Her infant slept peacefully in her hands

He would never see his daughter

The calm look on the baby’s face

Gave her the grit to live forward .


They celebrated golden jubilee

Of being together in thick and thin

He called her ‘my super hero’

Who brought up his kids and everything ,all alone

For he was away fighting for his country

The old couple held their hands

And walked away.


He went for shopping

And came back as a body in blood

His parents grew him up

He was just sixteen

Parents are still alive

Seeking justice someday

They called him Junaid

Three simple tales of courage, courage to move on inspite of the hardest set backs .

Daily post prompt Grit

Daily post promptMoxie

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