Daily post · Poem

Buried desires

They knew for more than a decade

They were friends from school

She knew her friendship had grown

She knew her desire to live with him

She buried all of it

For she feared to lose him .


The birthday song was heard

All claps and laughter

She too got a tiny cake piece

She ate it in kitchen

She wanted some more

But she buried all those

For she was just a maid

Though nine years only .


The kids shut their mouth and cried

As they saw their mother being hit

Their dad was he but

She desired to live peacefully

To walk out of abuse

But buried all those thoughts

For she feared

“What would others say”!!!


More often than not we bury our feelings,desires,emotions for the fear of others . We feel these ‘others’ are important than ourselves . Have you been through such ? Have you seen someone been/being through such situations?

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