Daily post · Poem


I’d my childhood

Filled with happiness and excitement

Playing in sand and water

Savoring the moments

Never did I knew about the underprivileged;


I’d my childhood

Blessed in abundance

I ate what I wished

Savoring those dishes

Never did I Knew about hungry kids ;


I’d my childhood

Living in prosperity

Having a home

And being with my parents

Savoring those days

Never did I knew about orphans;
Living in peace ,

Living in harmony,

Living with food ,water and clothes

I’m privileged 

I realize now

All thanks to almighty!!


Daily post promptSavor

5 thoughts on “Privilege 

      1. It melts my heart when i hear them talking to each other about it. Just yesterday, my son says, “sissy. You need to be grateful we get to eat this. Even if you don’t like it. Think of the kids who don’t have food!” #proudmommymoment


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