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Confused mind 

The thoughts sped through my mind

Reckless and aimless

Some tried to overpower

I tried to push some harder –

To make them prominent

But some one else tried to pull them back

Some one whispered they are of no use

Some one murmured ‘don’t push them forward’

Some one again pushed some others harder and harder

I couldn’t conclude

What to do or where to go

Untill I closed the gates –

And some fell down

None could push them up

They died down

Slowly but surely

Perplexity evaded

Clarity surfaced

Positivity won the game.

In many situations we get perplexed without being able to conclude on any particular decision. In majority cases , negative thoughts try to over power positive ones . Positive ones need deliberate efforts to be surfaced and carried out . The gates for negativity needs to be shut forever . Easier said than done , this is not how it happens in reality. People tend to dwell on negativity more and more . I’d tried to express my views on a ‘confused mind ‘ here .

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