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Up before dawn

Up before birds

All way to fields

To toil and sweat

With a hope –

Of full meal for family

All three times a day .

The sweat on his forehead

Was the blood from his soul-

Economics was alien to him

So was the price dip too;

His efforts failed

So was for many others –

The hope of a family

Burnt to ashes and dust;

The Govt was dormant

With no help

Some took their lives

Some fought for their lives

But who’ll help the helpless?

Democracy was just a hypocrisy .


Democracy is defined as Govt of the people,by the people and for the people .But how many times has it helped people? Especially -the helpless ? I’ve read many instances where the farmers ,the people who toil for the food on our tables commit suicide .Life at times plays unfair games with no solution to the loser .

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