Daily post · Poem


Then ,

I played with my friends

With water and sand

With ball and bat

In those makeshift homes

Pretend plays and more

I never knew their caste

Or creed or religion

Or social status

None asked anything

I just knew names
But we were friends

As thick as blood .


I try to make friends

A question or another

They ask about my faith

Or they ask caste

Or they probe over social status

Or they ask from where I am

I never knew –

All these were criteria

To unfriend or befriend!!

World has shrank

Making friends with world over

Yet we hate other religions

Yet we fight in ‘The name of God’

Yet we fight for ‘heaven ‘?

Yet we hate humans from other locale !!

Speaking about harmony-

Yet no effort in harmonization ;

Speaking about diversity –

Yet building walls ;

Speaking about cultural heritage

Yet savage in behavior;

Oh Man!! Grow up –

To make this world

A safe heaven for your kids !!

Have you ever felt world is ‘progressing ‘ ? It might be progressing economically or technologically , but we can find human values depreciating day by day . We get intolerant to person from another state/country , we get intolerant to person from a different faith . What kind of world are we setting up for our kids ?

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