Daily post · Poem

Fragrance of love… 

I walked into my house 

After a days’ tiring work 

My kids were playing 

They came running and hugged

I could feel their fragrance –

Of love and affection 

It eased out the stress I carried 

Mind was calm and peaceful then . 


I walked into my house

I could see my parents waiting 

I saw the twinkle in their eyes

I hugged them tight 

I could feel the fragrance –

Of love,care and affection 

Though a mother –

I was just a child there 

Easing my worries of work 

By being a child again .


I walked out of the airport 

My eyes explored the faces outside ‘arrivals’

And it stuck on one face 

My steps hastened 

I hugged him the moment I was near 

I could feel the fragrance-

Of love, care , affection, support and more

The jet lag was unseen then on 

We held hands and walked out –

My husband and I . 

Daily post prompt Fragrance

5 thoughts on “Fragrance of love… 

  1. And if you ask me, I’d say this is the most beautiful fragrance of them all. The sweet fragrance of love that binds and connect family together. What could be sweeter than the love of family? Nicely written. 🙂


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