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Where is humanity

I walked as a new bride 

My eyes gleaming with joy 

I looked around

To see the disapproval looks

I heard them say –

This was not the tradition 

I was not their ‘caste ‘ 

I knew –

I wouldn’t be accepted 

‘Tradition’ they say 

Where is humanity -I wonder !! 


I’m a just born 

I’m sleeping mostly 

I wake up hardly 

I can’t see people around me 

But I hear they say 

‘I’m a girl born at ‘wrong time’

They don’t seem liking me 

I hear helpless cries of a mother 

‘Tradition’ they say 

‘Where is humanity’- I wonder !!


I walked out of court 

Keeping my head high 

And a calm mind 

I’m single again 

Out of an abusive life ;

I was married once 

With ‘traditions’ and cultures

With caste and religion 

With horoscopes and family 

Only to end up being abused 

People said to stick on 

‘Tradition ‘ they say 

‘Where is humanity’- I wonder!!

And walked off to my world . 

Daily post prompt Traditional


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