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Sleepless nights

I smile at people 

Hiding behind it the reasons to cry ;

I walk and talk as if all normal

Hiding behind the reasons of desperation;

I eat out with my friends 

Hiding behind the loss of appetite ;

I sit with my family 

Hiding behind the depression from a loss;

I try to sleep as if I’m okay 

But ,

All the hidden feelings surface 

Taking away the peaceful sleep

In the wee hours 

Struggling with tiredness 

I lay with my eyes wide open 

My mind grueling 

Till dawn 

To enact another day of normalcy.

It’s not uncommon that many people hide their feelings/emotions from others – even from friends and family . This might be due to their perception that their emotions/feelings might not be reciprocated properly. But this suppression can’t go on forever. Have you been through it ? If so you’ll know the bitter times and the struggles.This definitely takes a toll on their mental and physical well being . 

Dailypost prompt Hidden


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