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Shallow or Deep

If you are a believer-

Have you pondered upon

Your relationship with God?

Let your faith be any

Let your scriptures be any

Let your God be of any name ,

But how is your relation?

Deep or Shallow?

Or going up and down ?

Or trying to build one ?

Or amazingly wonderful?

Or strong and wild ?

Consistent or Inconsistent?

Happy or sad ?

Ever wondered how it is ?

I try every day

In a way or other

To keep my relation ‘live’

Aiming to be steadfast

Aiming to be strong

But I’m still in the journey

The long journey

Not knowing how far

Or how close the destiny ,

But I pray-

That I should be able to pray

Without fail .
This is a self reflective poem of my relationship with Almighty.

Another beautiful composition of similar genre can be found here .

Daily post promptShallow


3 thoughts on “Shallow or Deep

  1. I love this so much. It actually got me trying to relate it to myself. God is wonderful and having a relationship with my God has been beautiful 😘


    1. I’m glad that you could relate it ,because I wrote it relating to myself. It is further more amazing that God has created us in different parts of the world,yet we have similar stories. It’s like same story and different characters.

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