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Lust and abuse 

She thought it was love

She trusted him

She lived on his terms

She left everything for him

Untill she realized-

It was just lust ;

She was broken –

Afterall she was a teen

And he was in thirties.


He played with him

He loved bikes and cars

He gifted him all

What was done to him broke him

He was being used and abused

He never knew it

Afterall he was just four

Paedophile was a family friend!!


She was in school

Smart and witty

Loved dance and books

Played in the ground

Untill one day

She was married off

To a man in fifties

She never knew the abuse

Even when she bled in bed

Afterall she was not even a teen .
A small compilation of what is happening around us.

Dailypost promptLust


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