Daily post · Poem


They brought him up

With abundance of love and care

Gave him the best education

And he is big and smart now .
He is too big and too smart

That he dislikes those old souls

Whose blood and sweat is he


They are old now

To walk or talk like before

They forgets things

They forget the names

They forget the washrooms too;
They are in old age home

He thinks that is easy

He thinks that is better

He pays the money

He thinks they are taken care

He thinks money gives all comfort .
He never knew

Child’s love is superior

Everything else is substandard

He need to be a parent

To realize and accept the facts !!!!


Many a times we forget the hard times our parents had in raising us . Especially when we are in a busy high profile position people tend to forget their parents and it becomes easy to join their parents in an old age home. Kids feel that it is much easy to pay off the money than to make own parents stay with them . They realize what they did was wrong only when they themselves are parents. A prayer to our parents who brought us up so that we can read write and communicate.

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