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‘Dignified ‘

They spend millions and millions 

A decorated stage , Buffet lunch , photo shoots and more 

A big fat wedding it was

Ended up with loads of extra food 

Dumped them all 

Landfills they say –

Dump being ‘dignified ‘ !!


He worked abroad 

Far away from home country

Far away from aging parents 

Busy with the new life 

Busy with friends 

Busy with social media updates 

For he forgets to speak to his parents 

Untill he got the demise news 

The ‘busy man ‘ flew down ;

The ‘negligience ‘ being dignified 

Dignified as ‘busy’ !


Daily post prompt dignify. Dignify

Daily post · Poem

Inhabitants of earth

I see them marching 

Quietly , disciplined and in order

One after the other 

With no quarrel or qualms 

They are the ants 

Inhabitants in my house 

Leading their peaceful life.


I look at the crows 

Picking twigs to build their nest

Inviting others to share food 

Leading their life 

Peaceful and calm . 


I look at the cats and dogs 

Walking, eating and sleeping

Living their own lives 

Peaceful and calm . 


I look at men and women 

Some fighting for boundaries

Some closing the boundaries

Some building walls

Some declaring war over others

Some fleeing from warland 

Some dying while escaping 

Some living as refugees 

Hardly any peace , any calmness

Hardly a few decades here 

And still fighting !!
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Daily post · Poem

Unspoken love

Their eyes met , speaking volumes

But the lips didn’t move ; 

They walked hand in hand, miles and miles

But the lips didn’t move ;

They had coffee, sitting face to face 

But the lips didn’t move;

They moved in together,to share each other

But the lips didn’t move;

Their hearts synched 

Their thoughts synched

Their lives synched ;

Flourished in love , trust and care

Without the lips moving 

Their fingers spoke along ;

With no voice of own

But the voice of love

Synching merrily forever . 
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Daily post · Poem

Visceral feelings,deeds and acts

There are these feelings 

Which are visceral 

Like falling in love 

Being blindly and madly in love

Surpassing the shortcomings 

And staying in love . 

            There are these feelings

             Which are visceral

             Like hating others 

              For all trivial reasons 

              And staying the same 

              With no effort to compromise.

There are these deeds 

Which are visceral

Like the joy of a kid

Playing in sand and water

Immersed in play 

Living the moment.

               There are these acts 

               Which are visceral

                Like killing others 

                For all trivial reasons

                 And living with no remorse

                 Forever as ‘human being ‘!!

Dailypost prompt visceralVisceral

Daily post · Poem

Denied Justice 

She was young and brave

Marrying a man of her choice

Daring to go against family 

Living with him happily 

Until one day –

The man was killed in day light

When she witnessed it all 

When people were around 

Blood oozing from him 

Hope oozing out from her

They killed him 

And made her live like dead

Just ‘coz he was of another caste

And denied the justice !


They were young boys 

Trading cattle for living 

Working hard to live 

Until one day – 

They were killed and hanged 

Blood oozed from them 

They may be  killing cows ‘ 

Some justified the deaths 

But denied the justice to them!


He was a scholar 

Learning to excel 

He was not accepted 

He was made to struggle 

Scholarship was taken off 

And cornered until – 

His hopes oozed out ;

He said ‘my birth is a fatal accident ‘

And left the world to the stars 

Some were sad , some lost a son/brother/friend

But none were found guilty

A denied justice 

‘Coz he was of lower caste. 
All three poems are based on real incidenta which happened in India and which had really shook me to the core . They happened a year or more back , but still stays as a source of sadness . 

Daily post prompt ooze Ooze

Daily post · Poem

Fateful night

The day was uneventful

So would be the night, they thought

Peacefully sleeping on the pavement

A luxury car lurched into

Not sparing a single life ;

The driver , a celebrity

Who walked off the court easily

The dead ones being homeless

Also moneyless and powerless

Treated merciless

And denied justice .

Who knew night was fateful !!

Based on a true incident , a hit and run by a film actor in 2002.

Daily post prompt lurchLurch

Daily post · Essay

School days 

Today’s prompt took me back to my school days . Recite/Recitation/poems are all the memories of school . I studied a syllabus where we learned two languages from class 1 and adding a third language from class 5. All these subjects had text books with chapters comprising poems , stories , essays etc . For me learning a subject was easy – science , maths were one of my easy subjects . Though history and geography were on a tougher side , but I still could move on with little effort . Coming back to languages – I started learning English and Malayalam( this is a regional language , language used in Kerala ) from class 1 . We had poems – a few to be memorised partly or wholly . I’m a disastrous failure in that . How much ever I try , either I forget the lines or some words/phrases or even lines come inside the original poem . From class 5 onwards , Hindi also joins the league of languages . Till class 10 , for every exam a few lines of poems had to memorised and written . I still wonder ,how many times I could do it without errors !! That was a real task for me – how to memorize and reproduce !! For exams if the question was to write 6 lines , I either ended up with more or less than 6 – hardly with 6 . My own lines find their place in between poets poem. 

Moving on to college , though there were no poems to memorize , we were supposed to memorize lengthy formulas – but I failed miserably there too . I can easily derive a formula , but if it is too lengthy its a hard task to memorise and recollect . 

Now looking back – I wonder why the syllabus was framed in such a way that we need to ‘memorise’ and ‘reproduce’ poems for exams ?? What was the use in doing so ? How were the students getting benefit ? How was it a measure to evaluate a student ?
Daily post prompt recite . Recite